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I am feeling and looking great.For several years, I considered the idea of booking a consultation for a rhinoplasty, but never did so due to the negative social stigma around cosmetic surgery, and in part because I believed it would be unaffordable. After carefully reading reviews of Dr. Waterman’s high-quality work and dedication to his patients, I decided to schedule a visit.

What I most appreciated about Dr. Waterman from the start was his honesty with me about my expectations as well as what he saw that could be improved about my nose. Shortly after my initial consultation, I received an email with a price quote and images that demonstrated what Dr. Waterman believed he could achieve with my nose after a cosmetic rhinoplasty. Further communication with his helpful staff members convinced me that he was the right choice.

Before, during, and after the surgery, Dr. Waterman and his staff were very supportive and helpful in answering any question I had. I found communication was very easy with Ms. Reilly, his Patient Liaison, with whom I spoke regularly via text message regarding all aspects of my surgery and post-operative care.

Today, six weeks after my surgery, I am thrilled with the result that Dr. Waterman achieved. My nose is no longer crooked, nor does it have a dorsal hump, and best of all, it is proportional to my face! I am feeling and looking great.

Thank you very much, Dr. Waterman!

Long Overdue Revision Rhinoplasty – Renton, WA [Dr. Waterman] took time to listen, answered questions honestly, outlined realistic expectations. It’s obvious he enjoys what he does and his staff are awesome!

Rhinoplasty After 10 Years of Consideration My first meeting with Dr. Waterman was fantastic. I instantly felt welcome and like he truly cared about my desires and expectations. Michaela, the Patient Liaison, was great at answering any questions I had and was extremely easy to talk to. She even took time to visit with me again later to show me some before & afters to ease my worries before committing to surgery. Before even receiving a quote, I knew I wanted Dr. Waterman as my surgeon.

I breathe like a human again Dr. Waterman helped me make a great decision regarding my health. Surgery was the only way to fix my deviated septum and straighten a long-time broken crooked nose. I can breathe evenly from both sides again! The scar is very minimal and the operating room experience was quick and painless. Not only do I feel better, I’ve also been told by my family and friends that my nose looks straighter and more handsome

Extremely Satisfied – Renton, WA I found Dr. Waterman to not only be a great doctor but a great person as well. It wasn’t all strictly business. Over the many times I met with him we had some great conversation and a even a few laughs.

Great Doctor Highly Recommend I heard about Dr Waterman through this site . I was very nervous about this surgery being African American I wanted someone with enough experience and knowledge with ethnic noses Dr Waterman was definitely more than qualified he explained my procedure in detail and made me feel very comfortable . I’m 8 days from my post op and im already happy with my results.