Kybella Patient: Kristen

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The two main things I was self-conscious about were my nose and my neck, the neck fat under my chin. I had a rhinoplasty, and that made me feel less afraid to try something new or to make myself happy, I guess, and I always didn’t like the neck fat, but I never really looked into what I might do about it.

Growing up I played three sports, and in high school, I began playing Volleyball year round, but I kind of always had the neck fat,  but it was never something I thought I could lose with weight loss because I didn’t really have much weight to lose.  Now being in college, it didn’t go away, and I always tried to keep up with the work out routine. And I actually at one point, had looked up online the chin and neck stretches that are supposed to get rid of neck fat, and I tried that for awhile, and it didn’t  work obviously.

When a sorority sister told me about Kybella, I hadn’t heard of it but was really interested in finding out more. I went into research mode, and so did my parents to see how do people feel who have gotten the treatment done and we obviously really liked the results of it and that’s when I decided I would want to do it as well.  I went to my mom and said: “I want to do this, can I do this?”

The low risk, the fact that you don’t have to be put under, but at the same time, you achieve results that you would assume someone would have had surgery or something was very appealing.
So far, I feel a lot more confident, even being seen from the profile side, turning to the side, getting pictures taken from every angle, I am a lot more confident with how I look.

No one’s noticed, except my friends who know I had Kybella, the same way before I had my rhinoplasty, no one would even notice that my nose had the big bump in it, so I think it has a lot to do with self-confidence. Even if it’s things that some people say they don’t notice, its something that you notice when you look in the mirror every day. And so when you can change that, you feel really good about yourself. And I think that’s really important.

As far as recovery time I really only stayed in my house for the afternoon after it was done, my neck was a little swollen, but nothing that kept me from what I was going to do. As someone who is afraid of needles, it really only takes a few minutes and it’s over like that – and so to spend a few seconds in slight discomfort, for a result that will last a lifetime makes me happy, it is well worth it.

I guess it’s probably kind of college girl comment, but having friends post pictures of me when I’m not looking straight at the camera, I feel a lot more confident in how I look because I don’t have the fat there. It’s super noticeable, specifically from the side. And, I mean I guess when I would sit in class and I always have people look at me from the side, I always felt like I just looked really bad, and now I don’t feel that anymore.