Case F13

Patient Details

An ENT colleague referred this patient to Dr. Waterman because of his expertise in nasal surgery. She previously had surgery after her nose was broken, but the surgery was done in another country and the records were not available and unfortunately, she didn’t know any details of what was done. It was clear that she was having a lot of difficulty due to nasal obstruction and that there was scarring and a collapse of the nose.  Additionally, she was unhappy with the size and shape of her nose. Because of the severity of her deformity and its effect on her breathing and well-being, her insurance company covered a portion of her surgery, including using homograft rib cartilage to repair the collapse.

During her surgery, Dr. Waterman carved a piece of homograft rib cartilage to support the structure of the nose that had collapsed and also removed scar tissue, repairing and reconstructing her deviated septum.

Her photos were taken and used to plan surgery, and also to help the insurance company evaluate coverage for her case.

Her surgery was difficult, as there was scarring and a loss of cartilage from her previous operation in Iraq; but Dr. Waterman succeeded in producing a straight septum and improving the appearance of her nose. We were able to obtain significant rotation and refinement of her droopy nasal tip. The dual goals of form and function were achieved.

Her surgery was performed and she followed up one week later for her cast and stitch removal and photos.

She was so happy to be able to breathe well, and like most rhinoplasty patients, could not stop looking in the mirror to admire her new profile.


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