Case F12

Patient Details

Becky has known Dr. Waterman since she was a child, so upon deciding  to pursue rhinoplasty, she wanted no one else as her surgeon. When she contacted our patient liaison, we got her right in for the first available appointment.

At her consultation, she updated her medical paperwork and filled out our Rhinoplasty (Survey or Questionnaire?) to help us learn about her desire for surgery. Her nose wasn’t in any way interfering with her day-to-day life, but she felt that making some changes would allow her to feel more confident and happy with what she saw – both in the mirror and in photos. We took a series of photos to use in the planning and evaluation of her case. Dr. Waterman then examined her nose and discussed with her how he would  improve the shape and size of her nose – by  reducing her dorsal hump and modifying the tip, and adjusting its rotation.

We followed up her consultation by sending her digitally modified images which would help her feel more confident in Dr. Waterman’s goals. Accompanying her photos was a price quote, letting her know exactly how much her surgery would cost (including surgery center fees and anesthesia, and pre/post operative appointments). Becky got back to us immediately to let us know she was interested in moving forward. Once she made her deposit and completed the financial agreement, we set a date for her surgery.

She came in for her pre-operative appointment one week before surgery. We made sure she had all the information she might need about the day of the surgery, spoke to her about what to expect during her recovery, and went over directions to the surgery center for her driver/companion. She received a small list of items she would want to have on hand.  (Of note – the expense of the prescriptions to fill and the other items is not included in the Rhinoplasty price – and will depend on each patient’s insurance prescription plan). We made sure she knew she could call or text our patient liaison with any questions or concerns, and she left the office very excited.

On the day of the surgery, she arrived at the surgery center. The intake process was about 90 minutes long and then she walked into the OR where Dr. Waterman carried out the surgery plan.  Everything went extremely well and she was soon on her way home to rest, recover, and enjoy the rest of her week off.

At her one week follow up appointment, Becky’s cast was taken off, her stitches removed, and she got her first look at her nose. She had a little swelling but was healing well and feeling great! We took a few photos for reference and she was pleased with what she saw. She reported that she her pain was very manageable and only required pain medication for a few days (while this is not always the case, it’s not unusual).

One month post-surgery, Becky came in for her follow-up appointment. She was absolutely thrilled with the results and happily agreed to let us share her story for others who are considering rhinoplasty. Thanks Becky!


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