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Because of the sensitive nature of rhinoplasty photos (the patient’s face is in full view), the majority of our patients choose not to share their photos online. We have complete respect for their privacy so our website features a limited number of cases. Most of them, however, are very happy to allow Dr. Waterman to share them in his office. If you would like to view our gallery of photos, click here to set up your Complimentary rhinoplasty consultation.

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After my Emergency Room visit after my accident, I knew my nose was going to need surgery. It was newly crooked (my nose was making a hard left) and I could not breathe in and out without pressure, let alone couldn’t smell. Garlic cooking, where are you? The ER sent me to an Ear, Nose and throat doctor for advice. I thought okay, let’s look at this accident as the new ME! Time to make changes physically, mentally, spiritually and let’s add a little emotional change while we’re at.

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