At Your Consultation With Waterman Rhinoplasty

Personal. Professional. Private. Pleasant.

Transparency and personalized patient care is a top priority at Waterman Rhinoplasty. You will find our practice highly supportive and responsive.

No matter how you find your way to Waterman Rhinoplasty—whether through a great referral, through RealSelf,, Facebook or a Google search—your initial contact with Waterman Rhinoplasty will be answered quickly. We take pride in outstanding patient care from the first moments of our relationship. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us within minutes of your original contact with our office.

We believe in a very “high touch” relationship. That is to say that Dr. Waterman makes it a point to meet every new patient himself, and encourages you to come into the office and meet the entire Waterman Rhinoplasty family. Throughout your process, you will enjoy personalized care and quick follow up to your questions from our attentive and friendly office professionals.

At Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

It is very important to Dr. Waterman to understand first and foremost what you are trying to achieve. To that end, we have you fill out a custom questionnaire we designed to get at the heart of the aesthetic, physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your decision to have rhinoplasty surgery.

Additionally, you’ll fill out traditional patient intake forms. Next, our professional staff will take headshots from a number of various angles for the purposes of discussing specifically what it is you want to see corrected.

Then, Dr. Waterman will spend time with you personally to examine your nose and offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

After his consultation, Dr. Waterman will give you a price quote for your surgery and tell you what will be performed (standard reduction rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, revision with augmentation etc.).

When you decide you are ready to schedule your rhinoplasty, a deposit of $1,000.00 will enable the staff to find a date that will work best for you. This deposit will be applied to your balance, due at the pre-operative appointment one week before your surgery.

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One week prior to surgery you will come to the office to have a pre-operative evaluation —– and you will be given instructions for the time preceeding the operation and what to expect after. You will be given prescriptions for any medications necessary to be filled prior to surgery and also told what medications and supplements you will need to stop taking before the surgery.

After the surgery, you will have two post operative appointments, one week after and one month after. Each of these appointments are important to the rhinoplasty process. At each of the appointments, your progress will be evaluated.

You should avoid exposure to the sun until your 1 month follow up appointment.